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Economic development though Global Strategic Sustainability (GSS) is critical for survival in a global competitive market. CAPED’s vision is to promote greater collaboration among regional universities, community colleges, technical schools, government and the private sector in order to create, attract, and retain human capital necessary to fill industry labor demands, and to position this region at a global competitive advantage. Therefore, establishing public-private partnerships to strengthen the region’s industries and leverage its assets are critical for sustainability, vitality and healthy growth.

A recently Brookings article explained our economic development condition well: “Ten years ago, most regional economic development partnerships focused primarily on regional branding and marketing to attract businesses from elsewhere. However, some regions have realized that the returns to those efforts are minimal, with businesses attraction accounting for only 1 to 2 percent of net new jobs in most places, according to economist Jed Kolko. So, the focus has been shifting toward growing new jobs by strengthening and leveraging existing assets already present in the region’s firms, industry clusters, and supply chains.

Source: Brookings

Across America, this shift into the apprenticeship model of learning is gaining credibility and the attention of business leaders, academic leaders and  legislative bodies. The Interim Report to the 84
th Legislature by House Committee on Economic and Small Business Development reaffirms the movement to break barriers and implement solutions. In part, the reports states: “A new  U.S. era has arrived. The availability of better educated talent with up-to-date career skills now largely determines where businesses will be located in the United States or anywhere in the world. Those communities that break down the structural barriers between business, education and community groups and that collaborate to renew their talent creation and economic system will attract new businesses and retain current ones. Those that don’t will wither and die.Click here for full report.

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Interim Report to the 84th Legislature

Texas House Economic and Small Business Development


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Apprenticeship Tax Credit for Employers of $2,500  per apprentices.
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The apprenticeship model of learning is a proven strategy which links an education to meaningful strategic jobs. In light of the culminating crisis with a shortage of a skilled labor force, aligning industry demands to specialized training of youth will ultimately lead to local economic development and sustainable communities.

Apprenticeships are a key because:

Apprenticeships are a robust strategy for debt-free fast-track solutions. We must break the barriers, collaborate, synchronize goals and unify efforts for a more systematic approach to talent development and retention strategies.